The Regulatory Research Institute of Canada’s (RRI) mission is to create better and more efficient regulations that promote a well-functioning economy and a just society, while preparing Canada’s next generation of public policy researchers and analysts.


We believe that independent review, transparency, and accessibility are key to creating a well-regulated and just society. With RRI, you can trust that we will work tirelessly to ensure that regulations promote the public interest while minimizing negative impacts on stakeholders.


At RRI, we understand the significant costs and negative impacts that poorly designed regulations can have on the public interest. That’s why we’re dedicated to investigating, examining, reviewing, and proposing amendments to new and existing regulations at all levels of government across Canada.

Our research and education programs are focused on the design, implementation, and the impact of regulation has on stakeholders and the general public. Our goal is to create better and more efficient regulations that promote a well-functioning economy and a just society. We aim to eliminate poorly designed regulations that create unnecessary harm to stakeholders and society.


What sets us apart is our team of professional associates and advisers who enable us to be at the forefront of regulatory issues and ensures that our recommendations are practical and effective.

RRI’s advisers are experts within their industry. Acting as subject-matter experts to RRI, they bring the essential real world experience and in-depth knowledge of specific industries to RRI’s  research and educational programs.

RRI’s associates consult, initiate, and supervise research and educational programs. All research generated by RRI is available for the advance the general public’s knowledge.

RRI’s affiliates are former program participants who have successfully completed one of RRI’s educational programs and are employed within the public policy sector, contributing to meaningful and impactful change for public interest.