Amending the Domestic Substances List (DSL)


Canada SOR/2023-9

January 23, 2023 

On January 19, 2023 the Minister of the Environment made an Order (2023-87-02-01) amending the Domestic Substances List (DSL) under section 87(5) of the Canadian Environment Protection Act (CEPA). The amendments included adding the following to the DSL:

CAS Registration Number* Description
128446-60-6 N Silsesquioxanes, 3-aminopropyl Me, ethoxy-terminated
245678-22-2 N-P Dimethicone PEG-8 Polyacrylate – film-forming agent; Plasticizer, Suspending agent
1462343-28-7 N Cashew, nutshell liq., polymer with formaldehyde, reaction products with diethanolamine and diisopropanolamine
2180952-57-0 N-P Polymer of styrene / butylacrylate / Isoprene
2682937-26-2 N Eicosanol, manuf. of, distn., residues

After assessing the above five substances, the Minister of the Environment determined them to meet the criteria to be added to the Domestic Substances List

The Domestic Substances List (DSL) is an inventory of substances manufactured in, or imported into Canada on a commercial scale. Originally published on May 4, 1994 and included approximately 23 000 substances deemed to have been in Canadian commerce between January 1984 and December 1986. The DSL is amended, on average, 14 times per year to add, update or delete substances. The DSL now contains more than 28 000 substances. 

Substances on the DSL may have one or more of 5 flags applied to them. DSL flags include: S, S’, T, P, and N. Where flag P indicates that the substance was added to the DSL on the basis that it met the Reduced Regulatory Requirement (RRR) polymer criteria. Flag N indicates that the substance was notified and assed as a new substance after July 1, 1994 and subsequently added to the DSL based on its manufacture in or import into Canada.

*CAS registry numbers are used for searching chemical databases. The size of the registry is immense, with over 32 million substances and 59 million sequences. It identifies every chemical that has been described in the literature since 1957 and around 50 000 new numbers are added each week.

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